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Where Brooklyn At?!

Took some portraits at Pebble Beach inbetween the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. Surprisingly, this was my first time visiting New York City, although I was born in New Jersey, and spent my childhood in Philadelphia before relocating to the south.

I actually never wanted to or been motivated to visit before, was one of them things if I had to be there for a reason I would go but I never planned or intended to take a trip. So happened I finally had a good reason to be in the city. I was attending the Sony Creative Space event held in Manhattan, was an overall amazing experience. Met some great and kind people who shared some of the same interests in photography as I did. I only was in the city for 4days and I knew I wanted to come here for photos before I left back to Atlanta. After racing across the bridge on an electric city bike and missing the golden hour these are the portraits I was able to capture during the 30-45 mins after.

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