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Welcome to Heimdall Images Blog!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Welcome Heimdall family, I'm a photographer based in Atlanta, GA. I’m a Soldier of 17 years nearing the end of my career. I enlisted near the end of my senior year of high school, and can’t believe how fast retirement has come to me. It has been nothing short of adventurous, developing, and amazing. I’ve experienced so much and have met many types of people from a multitude of lifestyles, cultures, and backgrounds. I've always had a love for the creatives, from music, to art, to photography, which is why I have chosen to create Heimdall Images and follow my passion and heart after many years of service and sacrifice for my country.

To be completely transparent I didn't always have the belief that I could inspire anyone or have others appreciate what I bring and share to the world with my creativity. That has passed and I'm confident my vision can and will be loved, embraced, and valued by many. My vision with Heimdall Images is to provide services of value for every client who puts their trust in me and my talents with a camera, along with my natural ability to understand people.

My goal with this blog is to update you daily on what I've captured through the lens of my equipment. I am a certified drone pilot with a registered DJI Mavic Air 2, and I also have a Sony a7iv (Chapalina, yes I named her lol). I'll post the images I capture and discuss what was on my mind, what was happening, what obstacles I faced (if any), and/or anything else I can share about my experience photographing that moment. I will also share my thought process during post edit, basically what moved me to create the edit I finished with. What ever conversation is driven by the post we'll discuss together in the comments. I'm extremely excited to share with you and I look forward to this journey!

Also feel free to check out my shop where I’ll periodically add images for sale so that you may display them in your homes, offices, or wherever else you’ll like to display them.


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