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We shot our first wedding!

As the title says, We have finally shot our first wedding (see content on home page)! It's extremely exciting to accomplish a goal and to make strides towards where you aim to be. Ever since I officially decided to go through with making my passion and love for photography a business. I've been working on how to run it as smooth as possibly, how to become better each and everyday, and how to manage my goals and visions for Heimdall Images.

We've found that we want our company to be one of the best wedding documenting photography companies, not only in Atlanta, but in the world! We see ourselves offering so much to the couples in the world on their memorable day. To give them the attention to detail, the charisma, the professionalism, the courtesy that they deserve when they reach out and select us to turn their wedding day into a short film.

Thank you to Olga and Jason for trusting Heimdall Images with your short film, and for granting us the opportunity to show the world what we can do. Also a big congratulations to joining as one family and one name, we wish your family nothing but true love, development, and many years of marriage.

For those who have weddings coming up, and would like to have a film of your day produced by Heimdall Images, please contact us. We have several packages that we offer in which you can choose which best fits your vision and we will execute that better than anyone else you could consider.

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