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I got lucky at Heinz Field.

Back story for this photo.

I was out in Pittsburgh (North Shore) on that Saturday of Halloween weekend, the night before the Steelers faced off against the Jags.

I took a couple of photos across the street of the waterfront and the Mr. Rogers statue. Then headed to this spot there for a shot of the stadium 🏟️.

3 pictures in the field lights and sound system just started going off (stadium is empty) I’m wondering if this is something that happens daily or maybe there’s some type of Halloween event happening, no worries I continue shooting and BOOM (literally) fireworks started going craaaaazy out of the stadium. I’m hype at this point, I’m realizing how lucky I got, but I need to adjust my camera settings so I’m patiently waiting for my photo to finish (Long exposure).

Once it was finished capturing the image it was currently working on, I was able to make the adjustments to the new lighting and capture this photo I’m able to share here with you.

Have you ever had a moment where you just knew you got lucky and had to seize the opportunity?

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