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Dining Out

Walking around Midtown Atlanta with Chapalina and an 85mm G master lens, I had already captured a few good moments of people out in about enjoying their evening when as I was walking I passed by an Asian restaurant with this group of people, more specifically the couple who are dining together. Instantly I thought, this is great, this is the type of street photography I'm looking for, people totally unaware to the lens and the photographer, focused on their moment. It took me a minute or two to have the guts to take this picture, even with the 85mm lens. The street was filled, other diners, walkers, restaurant patios and there I was in the mix with a camera about to point it at some people minding their own business, savoring the taste of their food. This is art, this is what it takes, and so I aimed and I shot, and I'll do it again.

© Heimdall Images LLC

Instagram/VERO: @shotbychapo

Sony A7IV (Chapalina) + 85mm G Master Lens

Midtown Atlanta, GA

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