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Bitcoin Depot Listing Event

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

How often is it that you can be involved in someway with documenting a startup going public on the stock market? I would say that’s some pretty rare activities, may even be up there with a Big Foot and Lochness Monster sighting. Alright maybe I pushed it but still you get what’s being said here.

I’ve done some pretty dope stuff in my lifetime, a few things that some may never experience and yet still this may be an event I’ll never forget. The celebration was small an intimate but the accomplishment was COLOSSAL! I mean the young CEO of Bitcoin Depot, Brandon Mintz, had only just publicly announced his company merging with SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) in a listing deal valued at 885 million dollars! You know, just your everyday stuff, no biggie. From looking at him amongst his friends, colleagues, and family that’s what one would assume, just another routine day. A confident guy with the perfect balance of humility. With an achievement so stunning, you would think there would be cameras and mics everywhere, yet there I was completely solo in the field capturing the night through a 35mm G Master attached to Chapalina. Providing the creative ability and freedom to freeze the moments without having to battle other photographers for position, a dream environment for a shooter and their lens. Was definitely an event I enjoyed capturing, was able to capture some great shots throughout, the attendees made doing so fairly easy with their dapper attire and joyful spirits. I look forward to monitoring the progressive journey of Bitcoin Depot and who knows maybe I’ll purchase some stocks when they officially open.

- Heimdall Images LLC


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