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All Smiles...

Two beautiful women sharing a moment
All Smiles

The most amazing thing about photography is catching the moments, catching the emotions, the feelings, the expressions of the person or people in your frame. Whether they're aware that you're there or not.

I was walking down Peachtree Rd in my night street photography bag, I had my eyes open looking for people to photograph. I had been walking about 2 or 3 blocks and there wasn't too much activity going on, so I was on my way back to an area where there was much more happening. With this in mind, I wasn't particularly walking with alertness, I was moving at a pace to hurry and get to where I wanted to be. As I was about a block away, maybe 2, I passed by two women on the side of the Christian Dior store, one taking photographs of the other. It was a great place for photos, the lighting was illuminating, although I noticed these two, as I mentioned earlier my mind wasn't in a state of alertness. I kept walking, then it hit me, that was actually a beautiful moment I could photograph.

I turned around and double backed, kind of took cover behind the space warmer as I began to frame the picture. There were actually two guys walking behind me and they were a little confused as to what I was doing. I ignored them and continued to frame the picture before the moment was gone and the above image is the result. I'm happy I was able to capture this moment, a moment of shared happiness.

All Smiles....

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